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Gold Price

Per Gram

RM 259.23

RM 261.62

Gold Price

Per Oz

USD 1,910.30

USD 1,927.92

Gold Price

Per Tael

RM 9,798.61

RM 9,889.00

Gold Type

Our Buy Back

For Cash Price

999.9 Gold Bar

Per Gram

RM 259.23

999.9 Gold Coins

Per Gram

RM 255.87

999 Gold Jewels

Per Gram

RM 254.15


Per Gram

Silver Scrap 999

Per Gram

We still can negotiate price depends on volume, we ensure you will get best deal. Please call us for prices.

Kami masih boleh merundingkan harga bergantung pada jumlah, kami memastikan anda akan mendapat tawaran terbaik. Hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan harga.

Our Gold Bar Prices (LIVE)

Gold Bar Price 1 KG in Malaysia

Casted Gold Bar 1kg

RM 262,274.05

Gold Bar Price 500G in Malaysia

Casted Gold Bar 500g

RM 131,464.05

Casted Gold Bar 100g

RM 26,423.62

Casted Gold Bar 50g

RM 13,408.02

Our Packet Gold Bar Prices (LIVE)

999.9 Lady Fortuna Gold Bar 100g

RM 26,920.70

999.9 Lady Fortuna Gold Bar 50g

RM 13,604.24

999.9 Lady Fortuna Gold Bar 20g

RM 5,650.99

999.9 Lady Fortuna Gold Bar 10g

RM 2,877.82

999.9 Lady Fortuna Gold Bar 5g

RM 1,523.94

916 Gold Coin


King George

RM 2,108.66

916 Gold Coin


King George

RM 1,074.73


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You may have these questions: How do I sell my gold? How can I sell my gold bars in Malaysia? Where can I change gold to cash? Where to sell silver? You've come to the right place.

We sell and buy gold online in Malaysia at the highest buy back price guarantee. We accept all types of gold, silver, gems and diamond. You will get instant cash for selling your unwanted gold or gold jewelleries. We are professional custom made gold products in Malaysia. We trading golds since 1950. Experienced & high trustworthy.

Gold traders or dealers are welcome.

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